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>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This was published way back in July 2006 on my site http://namrathabaliga.googlepages.com/. It wasn't updated after that except for 3 more pages during the same time. Re-publishing all of them here. All the work is original by yours truly :)

This was the first post, rather, an intro page ;)


I live in my own mad world...The world is exactly how i want it to be. No hatred, no jealously n nothing negative. Life's just cool. I live there with my loved ones - my parents n friends...all are healthy n safe here. I do not have to think before I do anything. I can be stupid... I can be smart... I can be everything I want to be... I can do anything I want to do... I can have solitude and I can have a party... I can enjoy... I can sulk... I can smile without having to answer why... I can cry without having any reason... I can relive the moments I want... and I can dream...I can think of places I have been to n places want to go... I do not have to answer anybody anything... I do not need to justify my actions to anyone... In my world I can be just me...No strings attached :)


The poems follow.


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