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>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We been too strong for too long and I can't be without you babe... :) :) :)


On my DIY List - 1

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Like I said earlier, I'm usually brimming with ideas. Such as this and this. We did have a Craft class in school but who really did anything then ?? :P
I hope to do these as soon as I get the time. Of course having no time is no excuse, I know. Putting it here so that I can remember them.

Ideas like these give me so many more ideas.
Like this one here - I was always thinking of doing something like it.

Some of these here, here, here and here are real cute. And these (here, here and here) give me ideas for something else :)

And there are more: cards, flower paints, magazine wall decor, onion paper, paper earrings, paper pendant, some deco, and so many more.

Will be adding more like this from the net. The original ideas I better post when I've actually done them. Ahem..!!


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>> Monday, October 26, 2009

Ye jo khushi ke rang hain... hain tere... :) :) :)


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>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

Let me fill your life with joy n laughter... :) :) :)


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Most everything you do makes me wana smile... :) :) :)


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>> Thursday, October 22, 2009

If u have to think about whether u love someone or not, then the answer is no. When you love someone you just know... :) :) :)


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This was yesterday's :)

Do aankhen jamoon si... Bole kuch natkhat si... ;) :) :D


For my Earth...

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some things we do for the environment, some things we do for ourselves -

  • We re-use old bath towels for cleaning the kitchen counter, the floor and the scooter.
  • Old handkerchiefs are used as dusters
  • I do not use the paper napkins for drying my hands in the office. Instead I let them dry on their own. (My parents n hubby carry hankies, I can't bring myself to carry a hanky coz I seem to lose them time n again)
  • We wash our own clothes, wash our utensils, clean the house - all with our own bare hands :)
  • If the clothes aren't dirty or are used only for a short while, we use it once more n only then put it for a wash - saves water
  • We put off the tap when brushing the teeth, scrubbing the utensils n rinsing the clothes
  • We use fluorescent lights at home
  • We use two-wheelers for commuting long distances instead of four-wheelers. We use bike for longer distances because the mileage is better than the scooter
  • Our two-wheelers are tested for emission from time to time n they are under the acceptable range
  • We switch off the engines at traffic signals and during traffic jams
  • We don't honk, and sound the horn only when absolutely necessary
  • Earlier we used to pool our two-wheelers - we worked in the same office. Now we have switched to cycling - our offices are on opposite directions
  • Vegetables, pulses n rice are cooked in the cooker
There are some things which one of us (hubby n I) does, at the same time making the other follow - and that helps a lot in the long run, I think. Things such as -
  • Hubby tends to keep the lights on in the room that is not used. I remind him to put it off. Same when the TV is on n hubby is busy on the Internet.
  • I like hot water baths but hubby likes it warm. He mixes the hot n cold water n brings it to a warm temp for me to use later.
Some things in the pipe line which we have been planning to but were not able to till now.
  • Start a garden: one, for the obvious reason - environment; two, to reduce the organic waste that goes into the garbage can - it can go back to the earth instead; three, for the joy of gardening n living amidst nature.
  • Start carrying cloth bags or old plastic bags when we go out to buy grocery. It will reduce the usage of plastic
Hopefully people will see that it is not difficult to do your bit for the cause you believe in. We have done it n are doing it n will continue doing it. It's not difficult at all.

P.S: Read somewhere that Oct 24 is International Climate Day. Not that it matters to us. For us, every day is worth doing something for the environment


What do you do...

what do u do with words when there is no one to listen to
what do u do with time when there is no one to share it with
what do u do with money when there is no one to spend it on
what do u do with smiles which wont be returned
what do u do with love which wont be valued
what do u do with life when there is no one to understand


Celebrate Life... Celebrate Love...

I wanna shout out loud
And tell the world
That I love you more
With every breath
You fill my thoughts night n day
And make my heart smile away
A sweet pain of separation
Which is always there
Have I ever told you
How you make me feel?
Have I ever asked you
If I make you feel the same?
What with all the words we have
I fail to say how much you mean to me
Jus want you to know
That you are the reason I breathe
If I may give you something
I would give you myself
For no one can be
You, for me...


Noble Heart

I felt you in my heart
I felt you in my soul
That was when I realized,
Wished and prayed
For you to be mine

I wished you noticed the love in my eyes
I wished you understood what I felt
I wished I would never have to tell you out loud
I wished you believed when I said I love you


I love you...

You came into my world
Out of my dreams
You changed my life
In more ways than one
You showed me the meaning of life
You taught me to love
With not a touch
Not a word of romance
You made me realize
What i had been missin
Until now...
I believed u were created
To be mine
That somewhere, some time
I had wished upon a star
For you to come into my life
And I am thankful
To Him
For He listened and understood
He gave me moments
Which I can cherish
And be happy about
Jus wanted u to know that
I love u
More than words can say


I was just being me... :)

This was published way back in July 2006 on my site It wasn't updated after that except for 3 more pages during the same time. Re-publishing all of them here. All the work is original by yours truly :)

This was the first post, rather, an intro page ;)


I live in my own mad world...The world is exactly how i want it to be. No hatred, no jealously n nothing negative. Life's just cool. I live there with my loved ones - my parents n friends...all are healthy n safe here. I do not have to think before I do anything. I can be stupid... I can be smart... I can be everything I want to be... I can do anything I want to do... I can have solitude and I can have a party... I can enjoy... I can sulk... I can smile without having to answer why... I can cry without having any reason... I can relive the moments I want... and I can dream...I can think of places I have been to n places want to go... I do not have to answer anybody anything... I do not need to justify my actions to anyone... In my world I can be just me...No strings attached :)


The poems follow.


Pati, patni aur woh...oh, oh, oh !!

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Got to watch an episode of 'Pati, Patni aur Woh' yesterday. This is a dumb "reality" show that airs on NDTV Imagine at 10:30 PM, the repeat telecast sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. I apparently caught the repeat telecast. Having read about this program and my friend Shweta's reviews, my curiosity was piqued. As I was browsing the channels I happened to catch this episode by chance. I managed to sit through the whole episode without pulling my hair. A few WTHs escaped my mouth in the meantime.

The whole idea of this show is to have celebrity couples (from Rakhi/Elesh to Juhi/Sachin to Ram/Sita of the new Ramayan - you don't know what to expect) to play mom n dad. They first get to take care of infants n then a few episodes later, toddlers, and so on till I don't know, marriage ?? Each of these couples get a house, they organize dumb games n pizza parties, dress up the kids in bizarre make up n what not. I couldn't help but wonder who on earth are the parents of these kids. Don't they feel ANYTHING about all this - about 'renting' their kids for some stupid program on some channel ? I could only sympathise with these kids. I'm sure they'd be so confused as to who these strangers are that behave like they do. Dumbest thing I found was the toddlers call their 'mom' n 'dad' of the show 'didi' n 'bhaiyya' !! How ridiculous !!

Questions that come to my mind are many -
What are the parents teachnig their kids?
Will the kids be watching recorded shows of themselves with some so-called celebrities when they grow up?
Would they love it or would they hate it?
Would they love themselves or hate their parents?
As for the celebrities, what are they learning, if they are at all?
Is one episode with one baby enough to teach them all the fundas of raising a baby?
Will they treat their baby the same way, coz then the video cameras won't be following them?

The worst thing was that the actual parents are oh-so-happy with how the celebrities are treating their kids that they shower them with compliments n best wishes. It got me thinking-
Are they doing it all for real?
Or is it just because they are on TV ?
Or did the producers ask them to ?
Are they still living without any guilt whatsoever?
Would they even be boasting about them being on TV to their friends, making new 'friends' AND enemies in the process?

I happened to read somewhere that the parents of these kids are claiming that they are doing this ('renting' out their babies) as a social work or something (not able to get the link :( ). WTH. In short this whole show is just stupid, or rather, bizarre.

This is all for now. Will be soon writing a post on reality shows on TV.


PJ Overdose...

I don't know what it is with me n PJs. I seem to be surrounded by them everywhere I go. The other day, for example was heights. I went to office. The stars there were shining in all their glory (samples here). I went home n hubby was in real high spirits n cracked some "ghanyare" PJs (To give you a sample: We read a board outside a laundry shop that said 'Computerized dry cleaning'. To which my reaction was 'How would they do that?' Hubby comes up with an explanation - 'They keep the clothes on the CPU when it is warm enough' to which my reaction was 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh'). Later that night we went out for dinner at a nearby place that started serving Mangalorean cuisine that day on. The waiter came up after we were done to ask how the food was, to which hubby replied - 'It's really good. Typical Shetty style.' What the waiter said after that made me pull out all my hair. He said - 'No sir, this is Rai style', and laughed. Would you believe that ?!!

Yes, I do need all the support you sympathetic folks can provide me in this regard. Please do not stop reading my blog. I promise I won't bore you with any more of these PJs. This post is my last on this topic :P
And don't be surprised if you hear me crack one of those - it's just the side effects of being amidst the PJ stars.


Today's msg... (of so many todays past)

Identify the song... Not in any particular order...
Each msg will have 3 smileys in the end, thats like my signature style :P

Let's tour the endless diamond sky... :) :) :)
Let me start my saying I love u... :) :) :)
Keep on shining... :) :) :)
Take me somewhere we can be alone... :) :) :)
Jithna bhi hum tumko chahe kam lagta hai... :) :) :)
The best part of falling in love with you was that you fell for me too... :) :) :)
Dum di dum di dum... Dum di dum di da... :) :) :)
Tere liye yeh nayi zameen, naya aasmaan... :) :) :)
You complement me, you complete me... In more ways than one... :) :) :)
Let me be the love that flows from your heart... :) :) :)
U hit me like the sun burning through my darkest night... :) :) :)
Yeh tere pyar ki hai jadugari... :) :) :)
Door tak nigaahon mein hai gul khile hue... :) :) :)
Pyar ka rang hai fizaon mein... :) :) :)
Is it fair that you steal my heart and take my breath away, too... ;) :) :)
I'm addicted... To U... :) :) :)
Aaja aaja main hoon pyar tera... ;) :D :D
Love to love u baby... :) :) :)
What I can't do is take my mind off u... :) :) :)
Lost in ur arms... Under a starry sky... :) :) :)
Each time u smile marks a new dawn for me... :) :) :)
Here's looking at you, babes... :) :) :)
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme... :) :) :)
...n my love will last till the end of time... :) :) :)
Wide awake in the middle of my dreams... :) :) :)
My joy will fill the earth, the sky n the entire universe... :) :) :)
I'll take you in my arms and hold you right where you belong... :) :) :)
All I need is ur love... :) :) :)
Tujhe palkhon pe rakhoongi ji... ;) :) :)
Dhoom puchik dhoom... :P :P :P
Chanda... Chandaaa... :) :) :)
...and then, the dream turned into reality... :) :) :)
This day, last year, you were trapped forever... ;) ;) ;)
Get used to Love... :) :) :)
Even my silence says I love u... :) :) :)
You got me trippin, stumbling, flippin, fumbling... :) :) :)
I'm flying high, high, higher... :) :) :)
Love is beautiful... and its real... :) :) :)
Vaada karle saajna... Na honge juda... :) :) :)
I'm gonna love u till the end... :) :) :)
Come, let's conquer the world together... :) :) :)
Love only happens when I'm breathing... :) :) :)
Even if my eyes are closing, the heart's wide open... :) :) :)
Wana vanish inside your kiss... :) :) :)
Wana hide behind ur hug... :) :) :)
With every kiss n every hug, u make me fall in love... :) :) :)
Watching the starry sky on a romantic balcony... :) :) :)
If u shud ever cry, I ll be there to stop ur tears from falling... :) :) :)
Let the sun come shining in... :) :) :)
I jus wana dance with u, boy... :) :) :)
You are my waking dream... :) :) :)
You Are My Thought Each Day... :) :) :)
You are my spark of dawn... :) :) :)
You are my sunshine... :) :) :)
The birds above are singin' us a chorus... :) :) :)
Pyar se bhi pyare... :) :) :)
I believe I found a miracle in u... :) :) :)
You are all thats real to me... :) :) :)
I'm living for you, can't you see... :) :) :)
After all this time, you're still the one I love... :) :) :)
I believe I found a miracle in u... :) :) :)
Just like me, I'm sure the shining stars too adore you... :) :) :)
Never wonder where I am coz I am always by your side... :) :) :)
Being with you is my favourite thing to do... :) :) :)
Jaane kab kahan kaise, hum tere hogaye aise... :) :) :)
Its got to be love... :) :) :)
You are my ocean waves... :) :) :)
Life is so beautiful, I just want to be here by your side... :) :) :)
When u reach for me, I ll do all that I can... :) :) :)
Come, let's light up the sky... Let's light up the world... :) :) :)
When u smile, the world smiles near. If u shud ever cry, I ll be there to stop ur tear... :) :) :)
Any moment you call me, I'll be on my way... :) :) :)
Life's such a beautiful thing... The happiness it brings... :) :) :)
Is that love I see in ur eyes, or simply a reflection of mine... :) :) :)
...I will keep you safe and strong...n sheltered from the storm... :) :) :)
The most beautiful music is ur heart beat together with mine... :) :) :)
I've been to ur heart, now take me to your soul... :) :) :)
Say what u need to say, say what I need to hear... :) :) :)
You are the closest to heaven that I could ever be... :) :) :)
My faith has never failed me... U r all that I believed u were... :) :) :)
...what u gonna do when I come for u... :D :D :D
Chalun tere sang tera rang banke... :) :) :)
Now that you've touched me, I'll never be the same again... :) :) :)
I can only love u more... :) :) :)
Jeebhar ke jeelein pal... :) :) :)
Its incredibly easy to fall in love with u but then I love u anyway... :) :) :)
...coz u r always right here in my thoughts... :) :) :)
My tender love will flow from the bluest sky to the deepest ocean... :) :) :)
You knelt to the ground, pulled out a rose and said, marry me... and I woke up with a start. Sigh it was all a dream... until I saw u beside me... ;) ;) ;)
Lucky u... :) :) :)
Hasde mere liye... :) :) :)
U be the prince and I ll be the princess... :) :) :)
Aren't you glad for being here, this moment...coz otherwise we would have missed being each other's... :) :) :)
If this love isn't true, what else is... :) :) :)
There's just no getting over u... :) :) :)
This ain't the first time this has happened to me... This love thing... Happens each time I see u... ;) ;) ;)
I know this love's forever...That's all that matters now no matter what... :) :) :)
U make me wana sing... :) :) :)
Kahin le na doobe mujhe tera ankh da ishara... :) :) :)
Mere sang tu chal zara... :) :) :)
U make me dance like a fool... :) :) :)
It used to be an empty house, now there stay 2 cute clowns... :D :D :D
I see the best of me inside your eyes... :) :) :)


A little background for those who do not know yet - these msgs adorn my gtalk status - a new one every day. I've been writing these msgs from about 3 yrs now and I do not remember repeating any msg till now... I lost some of the older msgs to a system crash but I guess this is enough senti overdose ;)

P.S: I do not mean to sound boastful, n if it did, well that just proves I'm as bad a writer as I think I am ;)


Note to self - I need to be more disciplined...

This is my third blog if I can remember correctly, of which one was a personal journal sort of a thing and the other was only 2 post old. After that I hit the blogger block n never recovered :P

This time I make a promise to myself to be disciplined and update my blog regularly.

Just for starters, I'll have one post for "Today's Msg..." with all my past messages. Now these messages are all dedicated to my hubby. Though most of them are part of some lyrics, some original ones are there too :D Let's see who can identify most of the songs... ;)


Today's msg...

I can see it in ur eyes, I can see it in ur smile... :) :) :)


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