Vande Matharam

>> Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Muslim leaders have come out with a Fatwa on Vande Matharam. Their side of the bargain is that it is against their faith; Islam can worship Allah alone. And in all this, the GoI is mum on the "issue".
I ask,
Dear Muslim Leader,
Who is asking you to worship anyone else?
Worshiping someone, or believing in any faith should be a personal decision n not forced down on anybody. I think that's what your Qur'an also preaches. So if you believe in your holy book, why not follow it on this respect too?
Aren't there other issues far more serious for you to spend on?
Please THINK. Then ACT.

Here's hoping that you take up more serious issues and resolve THEM rather than create issues where there aren't any.


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