Goa blast n the Sanathan

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Goa blast news was reported one day earlier this year. The next day Sanathan's involvement in it is accepted without question. The Home Minister of Goa openly n confidently states that the involved persons are part of Sanathan, they planted a bomb in a scooter n had it activated in a crowded place. One dies in the hospital n the other dies hours later. And all this only a day after the blast. They even said earlier that these people were involved in the Malegaon blast of last year.

What follows is an 'attack' on every Sanathan Ashram in Goa with people gate-crashing into the Ashram and creating a riot. There are some other groups which demand a ban on the Sanstha..!!

The news media is all jumping to conclusions n creating mountains out of molehills, reporting out of proportion facts, questioning irrelavant people, along with some fictional masala of their own.

Given these, what will you say? The intelligence bureau n the police got smarter and closed a case so fast ? Or is this some political vendetta by the UPA and some fundamentalists of the minority community* (news media n politicians calls them so; calling them muslims/christians or anything else is apparently an insult to them these days) ?

I say it is a political vendetta by the UPA.

When the home minister gives a statement like that, the police refuse that any investigation has taken place. They eventually find out that Sanathan has got nothing to do with the blast, n that it is innocent. But THIS news of Sanathan's innocence is not in any of the news channels. And it won't be ever.

The umpteen blasts by terrorists around the country is forgotten, 26/11 is forgotten, SIMI invovlement is known since ages but still no action is being taken on them. Whereas, when an injured Hindu person is found at the blast site, who happens to be part of a Hindu 'outfit' he is accused, the 'outfit' is accused, n eventually comes to banning it. Did they even think that this thing could be a planted bomb just to get Sanathan banned? For the people who came all the way from Pakisthan n ended up causing so much harm to our fellow Indians n others at Taj, n the Mumbai railway station, is it too hard for such people to plant bombs in a scooter?

Now coming to Sanathan, this is an institution, a sanstha, which works towards betterment of the soceity. It works towards educating the masses about the science behind every ritual we perform. For example, we perform a pooja by lighting cotton wicks dipped in oil and moving the 'aarti' in this n that direction. What is the significance of this action? Why do we need to perform them? What are the benefits of doing an 'aarti'? They also work towards stopping denigration of Gods by the masses. All these and such are explained in the different books published by Sanathan. They also have a fortnightly newspaper with lots of gyaan packed in it. Sanathan works for peace. Why would such a sanstha cause harm to the country n to the soceity? Why would they blast bombs n kill people?

The UPA can see that the Sanstha is bringing about some changes to the society and this is what the UPA does NOT want. If the society becomes intelligent, it'll no longer be able to fool them with lies and bribes. The intention of the UPA is to divide Indians on caste/community by calling itself secular. I say, there is no party more communal than the Congress (more on this in the later posts). I must admit they have succeeded in bringing about the communal divide in our country. Who is to blame for this ?

* Does not mean I am a religious person, I do not discriminate anyone based on their religion/community. I request all my friends not to take this personally. When I mention a religion, it'll refer only to the fundamentalists of the religion, irrespective of Hindu, muslim, Christian, etc.


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