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>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Got to watch an episode of 'Pati, Patni aur Woh' yesterday. This is a dumb "reality" show that airs on NDTV Imagine at 10:30 PM, the repeat telecast sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. I apparently caught the repeat telecast. Having read about this program and my friend Shweta's reviews, my curiosity was piqued. As I was browsing the channels I happened to catch this episode by chance. I managed to sit through the whole episode without pulling my hair. A few WTHs escaped my mouth in the meantime.

The whole idea of this show is to have celebrity couples (from Rakhi/Elesh to Juhi/Sachin to Ram/Sita of the new Ramayan - you don't know what to expect) to play mom n dad. They first get to take care of infants n then a few episodes later, toddlers, and so on till I don't know, marriage ?? Each of these couples get a house, they organize dumb games n pizza parties, dress up the kids in bizarre make up n what not. I couldn't help but wonder who on earth are the parents of these kids. Don't they feel ANYTHING about all this - about 'renting' their kids for some stupid program on some channel ? I could only sympathise with these kids. I'm sure they'd be so confused as to who these strangers are that behave like they do. Dumbest thing I found was the toddlers call their 'mom' n 'dad' of the show 'didi' n 'bhaiyya' !! How ridiculous !!

Questions that come to my mind are many -
What are the parents teachnig their kids?
Will the kids be watching recorded shows of themselves with some so-called celebrities when they grow up?
Would they love it or would they hate it?
Would they love themselves or hate their parents?
As for the celebrities, what are they learning, if they are at all?
Is one episode with one baby enough to teach them all the fundas of raising a baby?
Will they treat their baby the same way, coz then the video cameras won't be following them?

The worst thing was that the actual parents are oh-so-happy with how the celebrities are treating their kids that they shower them with compliments n best wishes. It got me thinking-
Are they doing it all for real?
Or is it just because they are on TV ?
Or did the producers ask them to ?
Are they still living without any guilt whatsoever?
Would they even be boasting about them being on TV to their friends, making new 'friends' AND enemies in the process?

I happened to read somewhere that the parents of these kids are claiming that they are doing this ('renting' out their babies) as a social work or something (not able to get the link :( ). WTH. In short this whole show is just stupid, or rather, bizarre.

This is all for now. Will be soon writing a post on reality shows on TV.


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