On my DIY List - 1

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Like I said earlier, I'm usually brimming with ideas. Such as this and this. We did have a Craft class in school but who really did anything then ?? :P
I hope to do these as soon as I get the time. Of course having no time is no excuse, I know. Putting it here so that I can remember them.

Ideas like these give me so many more ideas.
Like this one here - I was always thinking of doing something like it.

Some of these here, here, here and here are real cute. And these (here, here and here) give me ideas for something else :)

And there are more: cards, flower paints, magazine wall decor, onion paper, paper earrings, paper pendant, some deco, and so many more.

Will be adding more like this from the net. The original ideas I better post when I've actually done them. Ahem..!!


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