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>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At PFT, we seem to have too many PJ kings n queens, each PJ being worse than the last. This post is dedicated to one such lady - Ranjani. So here goes...

Ranjani alias Ranju once says on Facebook -
"I was so sleepy... But thanks to the tea guy, I'm fully awake now..."
To an average person this could mean a lot of things ;) Now don't you people think dirty. All she meant was that the tea drove off her sleep. And THAT tea is served to us at our desks by this guy who comes three times a day, everyday. Are we wrong in pulling her leg with this?? I think not. And if any of u do disagree, do we care?? :D Ranju still justifies this comment of hers as being "innocent", then again, do we care? :D

Another time she said - again on Fb, "Its 5 o' clock now. Time to be serious." She did not explain why she has to be serious at 5. And why on that particular day, especially.

And today's was the most hilarious of all... We are developing a cricket portal wherein one can search through cricket clips by entering many criteria such as batsman, bowler, shot type, ball type, etc. So Boss comes n says, "Madam, I'm not getting slow ball in the drop down for ball type. Can you just check why?" And this madam promptly says, "Well... Slow ball is more to do with the speed." And that was enough for the rest of us to get into peels of laughter.

Now, those who got it, welcome to the club :P
Others, you are the lucky ones :D


PURN!MA October 6, 2009 at 12:58 AM  

LOL... the last one was too much! hopped on from Nivi's. This is her SIL commenting. :) Never met ya, but heard quite a bit abt u. :) nice blog u got there.


NP October 20, 2009 at 2:32 AM  

thank u purnima :)

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