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>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I thought I should start off with an intro of our popular PFTians. These names will come up more than once so u better be "warned" of them early on :D

Ours is a girl gang of 4 - Shwetha alias Shwe, Ranjani alias Ranju, Shweta and Namratha (me).
Shwetha is the leader of the gang. Well, not exactly. Actually we are all scared of her (what with the "connection" she has with the boss n all) and let her believe that she is the leader. Her usual lunch menu is chapathi n some palya/sabzi or chutney.
Ranjani: She is the undisputed queen of PJs. A post dedicated to her is already up :D. Her lunch menu is diverse - dosa, rice baaths, chapathi, avalakki, etc.
Shweta: She is not as innocent as she looks ;) She packs peeli dal, kaali dal, hari dal, masoor ki dal, n every other dal for lunch, ofcourse on different days :D
Namratha: Worries abt her weight all the time, laughs for anything n everything, does cry once in a while. Packs rice/curry to office, n sometimes pulao n chapathi/curry.

There are others too...
Sudhir: Well, not everyone knows of his abilities of cracking PJs, god, he is notorious ;)
Atul: Our manager. He is the king of PJs. His most favorite dialog is "Mere Karan Arjun aayenge..." God alone knows why.
Kranti: A lady who manages to get lost on the route she's taken a hundred times before. She loves to dress up, loves kids, can't read maps, worries abt weight, manages home/kids/office very gracefully and you could almost call her a "superwoman".
Chethan n Ajay: These two of a kind are the most wicked of the lot. Purposely burping, picking their nose, and pulling out chewing gum from their mouth are their favorite things to do; they thrive on our "yuck" and "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez". Believe in healthy living and they "look" healthy too ;)
Ganesh: The big baas, the VP of PFT. The lesser said about him the better ;) Esp. during the recession times ;)


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